Coaching creates a thriving workplace culture

Invest in development that delivers results

Investing in personal potential delivers results that show up on the bottom line. This leads to less sick leave, more top performers, we are happier as employees and better managers. A coaching corporate culture is characterized by, among other things, collaboration, creativity, the ability to find solutions and new perspectives. When the staff have a purpose in line with their values, it affects their motivation, self-leadership and sense of meaning. More and more companies realize the value of professional coaching.

Coach is not a protected professional title which means that it is possible for anyone to use that title. More and more companies require professionally certified coaches when they hire internal or external coaches.

With companies, a written contract for the coaching assignment is established that defines roles, responsibilities and rights for all parties involved in the assignment. Confidentiality is an important guideline in professional coaching.

Leadership coaching

Professional one-to-one coaching inspires you as CEO, leader, start-up entrepreneur, team leader, expert or employee to maximize your personal and professional capacity.

Coaching affects resilience, self-leadership and gives increased self-confidence. Through the coaching process you get clarity and knowledge about the current situation, what goals you want to work towards and how you get there.

Development challenges

Below are some of the development areas that my clients have wished to receive coaching within.

Leadership – individual development needs, personal and professional development

Relationship intelligence – effective communication, change processes and challenging conversations

Support for team leadership – how to make my team members flourish

Self-leadership – free up time by developing self-leadership, how to achieve set goals most effectively

Creative and innovative leadership – aiming outside the box

Stress management – find methods for navigating sustainably

Work-Life balance – finding the balance between work and family life

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The following effect has
been measured by professional coaching



Increased communication ability



Better self-esteem/self-confidence



Increased productivity



Increased balance in life

Source: ICF Global Consumer Awareness Study 2022

Coaching packages


Coach meetings
4 x 45 min
1 session/month


Coach meetings
6 x 45 min
2 sessions/month

Motivationanalysis SDI 2.0 Core Strenghts incl. facilitation 1,5 h


Coach meetings
8 x 60 min
1 session/week

Motivationanalysis SDI 2.0 Core Strenghts incl. facilitation 1,5 h


Coach meetings according to need from 1 meeting and more.

We also offer AI coaching via platform. Contact us if you want to know more about this option!

Workshops, webinars and lectures

I hold courses, lectures and webinars on topics related to personal development, leadership and goal setting. I also tailor wholes according to your needs. I offer services that are easy and effective to take advantage of and stand for professionalism and quality.

Example topics;

The coaching approach

Stand steady in times of change

Ready, set, go – set inspiring goals

My best self through self-leadership

Manage your inner critic

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SDI 2.0 Core Strengths

Motivation analysis

Our relationships affect the results we get every day. Good relationships create good results and bad ones can stand in the way of results. When we learn how we and others want to be treated – what our driving forces are, what strengths and exaggerated strengths we have and how we act in conflict, we can use that knowledge to raise our collaboration to a whole new level.

Through SDI 2.0 Core Strengths you develop your leadership, build strong and functioning teams, and manage conflicts effectively. You develop your communication and your way of acting. When you can speak to the recipient according to their motives, you reach better. Both at work and in your private relationships.