Nina Wendelin

As coach I help you discover your unique path and through self-leadership take you where you want to go – as a person and leader. On a personal and professional level. I work with companies, organizations and individuals. With people who want to develop and have the desire to learn more about themselves. Regardless of whether you feel powerful, weak or something in between. I work with leaders, experts, CEOs, researchers, students – people.

Together we find your full potential and work towards your goal.

Coaching is a partnership with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires the client to maximize their personal and professional potential.

This is the International Coach Federation’s (ICF) definition of coaching. ICF is the largest professional coaching industry organization, founded in 1996.

Together in your change process - from seed to full bloom

Coaching is a partnership between the client and the coach. I am there for you who want a change, a mindset shift and to develop personally and professionally. Together we will find your potential and work towards your goal, with the help of sub-targets.

I always coach the person, with professionalism and a big heart. I wish to make a safe place for you to explore and learn more about yourself. I see the hero in all my clients. We all wish to be seen, confirmed and met with respect. That’s how I promise to meet you. As a coach, I sometimes challenge with kindness to awake awareness, to create insight and new perspectives for you.

I am an ICF certified professional coach with over 15 years of both practical and theoretical experience working with human potential.

Wherever you are

Coaching meetings online is both time- and location-efficient. Face-to-face meetings by agreement also work well. Office space is available in Helsinki and on Kimito Island in Finland. My working languages are Swedish, Finnish and English.

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Following effect has been
measured by coaching with Nina Wendelin;



Increase in self-leadership



Development of leadership



Increase in self-compassion

How it works

Before we start our coaching collaboration, we have a first meeting, a foundation conversation. The foundation conversation of 30 minutes includes, among other topics;

  • What professional coaching is
  • Your expectations of the coachingprocess
  • Coaching versus consulting, job guidance, mentoring and therapy

If the match between us feels good, we book the initial meeting online or as a physical meeting by agreement.

The starting point is always where you are right now – your current situation. In order to develop and grow, we need self-awareness, through values ​​and strengths. They form a strong platform for the continued coaching. As a professional coach, I have a wide range of effective tools to work out these. As a coach, I ask questions, not to get answers for my own part, the purpose is that you, who are being coached, should come to deeper self-awareness and growth about yourself – towards your goal.

In coaching we always work towards a goal, with motivation, balance and self-leadership – how do I get where I want? We work with sub-goals towards overall goals. Between meetings you continue working on the steps you want to take.

Coaching can be done online which is both time- and location-efficient. Office space is available in Helsinki and on Kimito Island in Finland. My working languages are Swedish, Finnish and English.

Warm welcome, all that is needed is that you are yourself and have a desire to develop!”

SDI 2.0 Core Strengths

Motivational analysis

Our relationships affect the results we get every day. Good relationships create good results and bad ones can stand in the way of results. When we learn how we and others want to be treated – what our driving forces are, what strengths and exaggerated strengths we have and how we act in conflict, we can use that knowledge to raise our collaboration to a whole new level.

Through SDI 2.0 Core Strengths, you develop your leadership, build strong and functioning teams, and manage conflicts effectively. You develop your communication and your way of acting. When you can speak to the recipient according to their motives, you reach better. Both at work and in your private relationships.

It was very encouraging and helped to increase confidence in myself. I really liked working with Nina. I think she did a really good job of asking insightful and sometimes tough questions that really challenged me. I really liked Nina’s energy and motivation and also clearly bringing out the difference between coaching and therapy.
Working with Nina was really rewarding. I gained new insights and concrete goals during the meetings. Coaching led to results that I would never have achieved on my own.
Nina is very sympathetic and so professional. She is a fantastic listener and can ask the right questions. I have always felt comfortable with her during years of coaching and I will continue with her as a coach. I have achieved many goals and grown as a person.
Coaching has given me time to reflect on my own goals, thoughts and feelings. Thanks to coaching, I have gained many important insights.
Continuous coaching is an important support for my development. Nina is an empathetic, safe and committed coach. She radiates warmth and at the same time a calm determination, which makes me as a client feel safe, seen and heard, on my way to my goal.
Nina is professional, reliable and good at steering the discussion forward. Exciting and surprising. Much of what I dreamed and thought during coaching has come true.
I appreciated the coach's enthusiasm and encouragement. It was a nice support when learning a new kind of self-knowledge. I gain increased understanding of my own strengths and values.
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