Motivation analysis

SDI 2.0 Core Strengths

Create results through relationships

Our relationships affect the results we get every day. Good relationships create good results and bad ones can stand in the way of results. When we learn how we and others want to be treated – what our driving forces are, what strengths and exaggerated strengths we have and how we act in conflict, we can use that knowledge to raise our collaboration to a whole new level.

Through SDI 2.0 Core Strengths you develop your leadership, build strong and functioning teams, and manage conflicts effectively. You develop your communication and your way of acting. When you can speak to the recipient according to their motives, you reach better. Both at work and in your private relationships.

Motivation analysis with relationship intelligence RQ

This award-winning, scientifically validated evaluation consists of four different perspectives. It measures your core motives, how you experience conflict, your strengths and how strengths can be overused in a limiting way. These four perspectives, provided with relationship intelligence RQ, help you and your team build trust and create productive relationships. With RQ relationship intelligence, SDI 2.0 Core Strengths can help us understand why we do what we do, and how we relate to others. Instead of just focusing on what we do.

By using RQ, SDI 2.0 creates a common language for understanding what is important to the people around you and how you can work more effectively together – both privately and professionally. It provides tools for choosing the right strengths to make the right decisions. SDI 2.0 shows what drives you. You have a unique blend of three motives – people, results and structure. These motives affect how you relate to your entire life.

I highly recommend Nina Wendelin as an excellent Core Strengths SDI 2.0 facilitator. Her ability to guide me through the process and interpret the results in a structured and supportive manner helped me understand my motivational factors and the underlying causes of stress. The results and interpretations were valuable and have had a positive impact on my personal work self.
SDI is an exciting and versatile tool that gives me more clarity about my strengths and areas of development. With Nina as facilitator and coach, SDI opens up new landscapes within me, and I become aware of new opportunities to communicate constructively with family, friends and at the workplace. Nina supervises enthusiastically, expertly and with a big heart.
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Core Strengths platform always available

The digital platform provides easy and quick access to your own and your team’s way of communicating.

With the Core Strengths platform you get:

your personal SDI 2.0 mapping result clearly presented with driving forces, strengths, exaggerated strengths and your conflict process

the ability to compare profiles with your colleagues so you can use the right communication as well as plan and carry out effective presentations

the team’s strengths can be combined into a common strength portrait that can be used to combine effective teams and during recruitment

get guidance on how to write effective e-mail messages or handle calls and meetings

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SDI 2.0 Core Strengths package

Motivation analysis SDI 2.0 Core Strengths

incl. facilitation
Analysis and facilitation 1,5 h


SDI 2.0 Core Strengths from 3h – 1 full day which can advantageously be divided into e.g. 3 days

Webinars and lectures

Within relationship intelligence, driving forces, motivation, strengths, exaggerated strengths and conflict sequence.

Individual analysis

I recommend SDI 2.0 Core Strengths mapping warmly, as it provides valuable and eye-opening self-insight for personal and professional growth.

It works great as a standalone but can also be used in conjunction with coaching. You fill in a mapping on your own and get the results directly. We then go through them together as I facilitate you through them.

The facilitation takes about 1.5 h. The analyse can also be used in couple relationships, where both parties do the mapping and both get facilitation together. 

the visual personal mapping result includes

driving forces

your strengths

exaggerated strengths

your conflict process

Read more about SDI 2.0 Core Strenghts motivationasanalysis under FAQ below.

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A visual personal analysis result with

  • driving forces
  • your strenghts
  • exaggerated strengths
  • your conflict process
  • You develop your leadership, personal- and professional growth.
  • You can build powerful, sustainable and well-functioning teams and collaborations where you achieve your desired result.
  • Compare profiles within the team/with colleagues to use the right communication.
  • Put together a joint strenght portrait for the team as a basis for project strategies, functioning teams and recruitment.
  • Within development talks.
  • Within recruitment.
  • Write emails, handle calls and meetings in a way that resnates with the recipient.
  • Wider research by PhD Elias Porter who published the relationship intelligence theory (Porter, 1976). The theory has its roots in psychoanalysis and client-centered therapy and is the basis for SDI. After Elias Porter’s death, PhD Tim Scudder has continued his great work. There is a lot of scientific methodology and background to SDI 2.0. Please feel free to contact us if you would like more information.

Before the workshop, we do an SDI 2.0 Core Strengths mapping for each team member.

During the workshop itself, we work according to “learn-through-do” and you will gain insights into how you can:

  • Communicate effectively with your team members and customers so that you can achieve mutually beneficial results
  • Know your strenghts and use them at the right time for the right reason to achieve greater efficiency 
  • Increase people´s engagement and responsibility to achieve common results 
  • Collaborate with members of your team to make the best decisions for your organization
  • Create a result planner for a high- stakes situation that you are facing right now

Working methods during the workshop:

  • Interactive lessons where we work with our relationship intelligence
  • Insightful discussions to develop collaboration
  • State-of-the-art tools that deliver your personal results
  • Convincing videos that show strenght-based communication in practice
  • Practical exercises where you get to practice skills to work better together 

After the workshop

As a participant in Core Strengths Workshop, you get key resources to support your learning:

  • Core Strengths Learner Guide in both digital and print version
  • Strength Deployment Inventory 2.0 with online assessment, personal videos and reports
  • SDI quick guide to more effective communication
  • Increase your RQ relationship intelligence on Core Strengths Platform
  • Free guest access to an SDI 2.0 assessment, with platform access with personal videos and reports for the guest

Yes, that works great too! It works great as a standalone but can also be used in conjunction with coaching.

Depending on your needs, the workshop can vary in length and content from 3 h – 1 full day. The workshop can advantageously be divided into three sessions of 2.5 h each.

Contact Coachmore and we will tell you more about the layout!