Professional Responsibility Through ICF Certificate Renewal

ACC/ICF Renewal

I want to celebrate that my application for the ICF certificate renewal of my ACC coaching certificate has been approved!

Being certified as a coach and renewing the certificate every three years is of great importance to me. It means that I consistently maintain my professional standard in coaching through regular further education and certificate renewal. It’s a time-consuming process, but a necessary and inevitable part of being a skilled coach. By adhering to and mastering the International Coaching Federation (ICF) ethical guidelines and core competencies, I strive to provide my clients with the highest quality coaching.

This commitment benefits both my clients and myself. It enables my clients to get the best possible value from the coaching while providing me with a solid foundation to stand on and continue evolving from.

The professional title ‘coach’ is not protected, which emphasizes the importance for buyers of coaching services to verify if the coach is internationally certified. ICF maintains very high standards for professional coaches worldwide and requires a renewal of the ICF certification every three years.

Nina Wendelin certified coach and entrepreneur at Coachmore