Team- and Groupcoaching with quality and professionalism

A team is not a problem that needs to be analysed and solved but a potential to be unfolded

-Daniel Meier 2005

I help in creating conditions for effective teams and human potential through coaching. Every team is unique. Every group is unique. Every individual is unique.

Team coaching can contribute to strengthening organizations by improving relationships and communication, increasing sustainability, and inspiring the team to use its drive to achieve common goals.

Group coaching can contribute to strengthening individuals’ potential and ability towards a common overarching goal. Team and group coaching can be combined with individual coaching if needed. It’s not about a quick fix but requires hard work and commitment from the team, group members, and even the organization’s support.

"Team coaching is a partnership in a reflective and co-creative process with a team, its dynamics, and relationships in a way that inspires it to maximize its ability and potential to achieve its common purpose and goals."

- International Coaching Federation's (ICF) definition of team coaching.

Building Strong and Effective Teams

A high-performing team is a group of individuals who work efficiently together to achieve common goals and deliver exceptional results. Characteristics of a high-performing team include having a shared purpose, shared responsibility for a clear and motivating goal, clear roles that complement each other, and shared values.

The foundation is that team members feel psychologically safe, enabling openness and contributing to increased productivity and innovation. It creates an environment where members can be themselves, share opinions, and take risks without fear of negative consequences, promoting progress and performance.

In team coaching, the team’s own development, learning, responsibility, and participation are the focus. The process involves work on strengths, key focus areas, goal setting, action planning, and concrete action. 

The team coach acts as a catalyst, accelerating and facilitating the team’s development by promoting collaboration, communication, and joint goal-setting.

Process, Focus Areas, and Value

The team coaching process typically takes between 6-9 months or longer and can be effectively combined with the SDI 2.0 Core Strengths motivation assessment for individuals and teams as well as individual coaching.

Examples of focus areas for team coaching:

  • Priorities
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Leadership communication or conflict style
  • Change management
  • Vision (team, individual, organizational)
  • Strengths, values
  • Feedback
  • Trust and respect
  • Result orientation

Value of team coaching:

  • Space for the team to reflect
  • Prioritizing the need for focus
  • A non-judgmental space for dialogue and reflection
  • Strong focus on results and accountability
  • Development of leadership skills

I follow the ICF International Coaching Federation's ethical standards and core competencies for professional team and group coaching.

Group Coaching – for Concrete Development

Group coaching is a dynamic process where individuals collectively strive towards overarching goals, even if they don’t necessarily collaborate as a traditional team. Participants in the group can be from different organizations, departments, or areas of life, but they share similar goals and ambitions. Each individual has the opportunity to focus on their own personal goals within the group.

It is a powerful tool for supporting both individual growth and group dynamics. By creating a safe and supportive environment, group coaching encourages participants to learn from each other, develop new insights and skills, and support each other through their individual challenges and progress.

Group coaching can be highly effective in accelerating learning and change, as it allows multiple individuals to be coached simultaneously. This enables the spread of knowledge and skills in a cost-effective manner and creates a positive impact on group dynamics and performance.

Individually we are one drop. Together we are an ocean.

-Ryunosuke Satoro

Value of group coaching:

  • A space for the group to reflect
  • Prioritizing the need for focus
  • A non-judgmental space for dialogue
  • Collective learning and mutual support
  • Collaborative problem-solving
  • Individuals’ personal goals and development are in focus. The result is measured through individual progress and achieved goals.
  • Strong focus on accountability and action
“Group coaching entails a partnership with a group of individuals who share a common interest, learning experience, or skill where the coach and other group members provide support and inspiration to maximize individual abilities and potential.”

- International Coaching Federations (ICF) definition for groupcoaching