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I am so excited to start the fall with brand new websites for Coachmore. Behind the pages lies a wonderful, rewarding and extensive work together with professional web designer Elin Nyman at E Nyman Design https://www.enymandesign.com/ and creative photographer Marie Lillhannus at Picmi https://www.picmi.fi/. Piia Varismäki at Zeepra Beauty https://zeepra.business.site/ has used my face as a canvas and made me beautiful with her magical hands. Several others have also contributed, sometimes at very short notice. A special thanks to Olli! A huge warm thank you to everyone who has been involved – you know who you are!

We have bounced ideas and visions – there has been a lot of laughter and smiles but also impatience when the goal has felt far away. But with the help of sub-goals and a little bit of determination, the goal has been reached! It is often those slightly more difficult feelings that give that kick in the butt when it is needed most. Sometimes we just needed to fill up with a good pasta and a glass at a cozy Italian restaurant together with the project team and everything felt easy and clear again!

Services by Coachmore

I am so grateful to wake up every morning and have the opportunity to work with my passion as a professional coach, together with my wonderful clients and very rewarding collaborations. For me as a coach, professionalism, development and focus on solutions are important, without forgetting playfulness and the surprising.

Coachmore offers coachingservices for companies https://www.coachmore.fi/en/for-companies/ and individuals https://www.coachmore.fi/en/for-you/. Toolkits I work with are motivation analysis SDI 2.0 Core Strenghts for both teams and individuals. I also hold lectures and webinars, tailored according to your needs.

If you are curious about how coaching can contribute to you or your company – welcome and get acquainted with the websites and/or book a smooth time for an intro meeting!

I am here to help you whether it is about professional or personal development!

Nina certified coach and entrepreneur at Coachmore