Highlights of 2023, welcome 2024!

As we begin the new year of 2024, I want to look back on the past year and extend a big thank you to collaborators, clients, coaching colleagues, networks within and outside the industry, as well as all the valuable contacts via social media and in real life. All of you are enormously significant and […]

You can cultivate hope in yourself and your team through self-leadership

Hope is a force that can shape our outlook on life and our ability to overcome challenges. Many mistakenly believe that hope is either an innate trait or a strength reserved for a select few. The good news is that hope is a skill that can be developed through self-leadership. Self-leadership is the art of […]

Professional Responsibility Through ICF Certificate Renewal

ACC/ICF Renewal

I want to celebrate that my application for the ICF certificate renewal of my ACC coaching certificate has been approved! Being certified as a coach and renewing the certificate every three years is of great importance to me. It means that I consistently maintain my professional standard in coaching through regular further education and certificate […]

This is how you and your team regain lost motivation

Motivation is a key factor for well-being and reaching one’s full potential. Both when it concerns individuals and teams. However, sometimes motivation can wane, especially if we lack a clear purpose or goal in what we do. Motivation is often divided into intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. Intrinsic motivation comes from within ourselves, from our commitments, […]