Highlights of 2023, welcome 2024!

As we begin the new year of 2024, I want to look back on the past year and extend a big thank you to collaborators, clients, coaching colleagues, networks within and outside the industry, as well as all the valuable contacts via social media and in real life. All of you are enormously significant and important, enabling me to work on something that feels meaningful and significant!

During the past year, I’ve had the opportunity to work as a provider of coaching services with some fantastic collaborators. Apart from client work, it has been truly enriching to closely follow the work these companies do within the industry.

Throughout the year, I invested in new websites that reflect both the content and visual aspects of myself and my business as a professional coach.

I feel gratitude and joy that almost 90 clients have entrusted me with confidence and trust to be their certified coach.

In total, I’ve conducted over 600 coaching sessions focusing on topics such as leadership growth, team development, entrepreneurship, well-being, personal growth, and career development. I’ve worked in Swedish, Finnish, and English. Digital possibilities have allowed me to coach clients across Finland, Sweden, Central Europe, Africa, and the USA. Would you like to know more about leadership coaching? Click here https://www.coachmore.fi/en/for-companies/

Completing my mentorcoaching training has elevated my coaching to next level.

I’ve been more active on social media over the past year, writing several articles on topics close to my heart.

Consciously stepping out of my comfort zone into the stretch zone has enabled my personal and professional growth. Many of the achievements I’ve mentioned here haven’t happened by chance but by setting clear goals and persistently working towards them. There have been moments of tailwind and headwind, but the goals have been my guiding star, making it easier to stay on course. Sometimes it’s been about having the courage to pause without pushing too hard.

I’ve reminded myself of the importance of prioritizing sleep, yoga, time with my three daughters and husband, walks with our poodle Cole, and gym time, as these form the foundation to achieve my ambitions.

What do I look forward to in 2024?

Already in January, I’ll travel to Stockholm to start my training to become a certified team coach according to the ICF, International Coaching Federation https://coachingfederation.org/. Starting from April, I’ll open up to working as a team coach with groups and teams aiming to become efficient and high-performing.

I also look forward to soon obtaining my PCC level certification, according to the International Coaching Federation.

I’ll continue working with the fantastic motivational assessment tool, SDI 2.0 Core Strengths, to develop individuals and teams by identifying motivations, strengths, overdone strengths, and conflict sequences. This tool blends perfectly with team coaching. Read more about the motivational assessment tool here https://www.coachmore.fi/en/motivation-analysis/.

I’m eager to continue my previous collaborations and form new partnerships with organizations and companies and continue evolving as a professional coach and entrepreneur.

The journey continues, and one never knows which seed might start to grow and bloom, and that’s precisely what makes it so enjoyable and exciting!

Nina Wendelin certified coach and entrepreneur at Coachmore